Concerns about the climate and environment, increased energy prices, stricter legal regulations, requirements from retail and certification entities, more and more chemicals on the black listed… Within the sector and within Evanthia, sustainability has become an important focal point. Together are preparing for a greener future, by actively working on product development, new cultivation methods and innovation in technology and climate control. By making conscious choices for our assortment range (e.g. seasonal products, cool-to-grow crops), but also by adapting existing popular products (e.g. peat-free plugs, genetic compactness), Evanthia offers solutions that can also make a difference to the links further up the chain.

With this in mind, our breeders have been working on the Helianthus Sunsation® pot sunflower series, aiming to always improve products and to enable growers to grow them in a more efficient and sustainable way. Meanwhile, Sunsation® has indeed evolved, which means we can now offer a new, genetically compact selection with many advantages.

Key learnings

After extensive testing and intensive comparison trials with growers in a variety of climate zones, it’s time to evaluate. We can confidently comclude that the latest selection Sunsation Compact® shows excellent results, for a sustainable cultivation and an even quicker crop time.

Key findings from our team and experienced growers worldwide on Helianthus Sunsation® Compact:

  • genetically highly compact
  • a more balanced, stress-free cultivation possible:
    • no more need for PGR’s, dry cycles or high EC levels to keep the plants compact
    • regular watering and an EC of 1.2 is sufficient
  • cultivation time is reduced by 5 to 7 days
  • healthy, smooth, fresh-green leaves

Stress-free enjoyment of abundant sunshine

Sunsation Compact® is available in Yellow and Lemon. Both varieties have all the Sunsation® qualities which you have become familiar with, but now with all the sustainable benefits as a BIG bonus. The rich flowering potted plant series for home and garden can now be produced stress-free for marketing from spring until early autumn. The new Compact selection F1 sunflowers can be grown in 9 to 10 weeks from sowing and blooms for a long time thanks to strong, pollen-free successive flowers that last a long time. By pinching the Sunsation® varieties, you get a well-branching plant structure and several large flowers blooming simultaneously, for even more radiant sunshine.

Information and availability

Sunsation® Compact is available from this season at C&M Kester Potcultures, Kwekerij ‘t Loo and Adrichem Potplanten.