Bordeaux is known for its warm and sunny weather. So, a perfect plant to reflect that character is of course the Helianthus Sunsation® of Evanthia. The pollen-free flowers of Sunsation® remain beautiful for a long time and follow each other in succession. One bud after the other bursts open full of energy, just like the actual sun. Evanthia teams up with Cinefleur Magazine to surprise the people of Bordeau with Sunsation® Sunflowers and they love them. Sunsation® put a real smile on your face. Because of the temperature, Bordeaux citizens usually look for plants that can handle the bright and warm sunlight. When you visit Bordeaux take a look at the many flower beds among the waterline, where you will find the best summer flowers!

Meet Sunsation®

And just like the people of Bordeaux, the Sunsation® is very versatile. The beautiful and strong plant is available in 3 sparkling colours: Yellow, Flame and Lemon. There is a regular and a multiflowered variety, so there is something for everyone.